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Reynolds Family

Jayne and Emmitt Clover opened their North East home to their daughter Jennifer when she needed help caring for her husband and three sons. Her husband Ty Reynolds and their three sons, Jakub, age 11; Troy, age 9; and Everson, age 4; all suffer from polycystic kidney disease (PKD), for which there is no known cure.

That was nine years ago.Her parents 175-year-old Curtis Road was is in desperate need of multiple, extensive repairs including warping floors, lack of insulation, exterior holes, leaking ceilings and a dirt basement. All three boys slept in one bedroom while Jennifer and Ty slept in the living room.

Not anymore! They received a brand-new home, compliments of the Maleno Family-to-Family Fund. The Maleno family along with hundreds of volunteers built a beautiful and comfortable home for the Reynolds family. The build took only two weeks, with the home revealed to the family on Friday, June 25, 2010.








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John Maleno was named the 2010 Italian Man of the Year by the by Giuseppe Mazzini Civic Association.

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Our Commitment

Maleno Development is family owned and operated since 1976 and takes pride in serving the community. Our commitment to quality is shared by all who work within the company.

Developing beautiful communities and serving satisfied customers has created quite a reputation for Maleno Development within the industry. From building homes and apartments, to creating beautiful communities, we have manifested success in every area!

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The Maleno Family-to-Family fund was established by the Maleno family to support building and renovation projects for Erie families and neighborhoods in need.

Inspired by their involvement in ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," the Maleno family will continue to give back to the community through the fund. Your support of the Maleno Family-to-Family Fund will help build a stronger community. Donate Now!

Familt to Family Fund